Jambalaya Recipes

Jambalaya Recipes

Jambalaya is a traditional Cajun dish originating in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The dish, which is very similar to Spanish Paella, consists of meat, vegetables and rice. Take a look at our list of recipes below to find inspiration for how to cook delicious jambalaya.

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About Jambalaya:

There are two primary ways of making Jambalaya. Creole Jambalaya features smoked meat such as sausage, white meat such as chicken, and seafood such as rice. It is cooked with the “Holy Trinity” of celery, bell peppers and onions, as well as rice, chicken stock, and tomatoes. The mixture is simmered and served as a hearty stew. The second version, Cajun Jambalaya, omits the tomatoes but uses the same core ingredients of vegetables, meat, and rice.

Jambalaya is considered a traditional and simple dish, and is flexible according to the ingredients used. The dish is widely influenced by Spanish, French and Caribbean cooking, and is representantive of Cajun cooking and the culinary history of Southern Louisiana.

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